Community Based Mentoring*

  • One-on-One – It’s all about one-to-one time spent together doing things in the community that both the Big and Little enjoy. They meet 2-3 times per month to do activities such as shooting hoops, playing a board game, sharing a pizza, taking a walk in the park, etc. The schedule can be flexible to meet the needs of the mentors and their Littles. This program serves children ages 5-15 and volunteers must be at least 18 years old. These matches are supported monthly by a Match Support Specialist.

Site Based Programs* – Site based mentoring is not a classroom program. It’s not about tutoring – it’s about being a friend. Similar to our Community Based Program, it is based on the proven results of one-to-one mentoring. Site-Based Mentoring takes place at a site on a consistent basis. Many Site Based matches have the potential to become Community Based matches.

  • After School Buddies Program – During the school year, a caseworker coordinates and supervises a school-based initiative that pairs elementary students with high school volunteers during the after-school hours. Weekly this program provides homework assistance, games, snacks, and important social time at schools locate in Mercer, Auglaize, & Van Wert Counties.
  • Lunch Club – Primary Students are paired with adult mentors from the community during the child’s lunch/recess period. This on-site program meets at least twice per month during the school year. The matches eat lunch together, do educational enrichment activities, and have one-on-one time to develop a friendship.
  • Supper Club with Marsh Foundation – From November to May, students from The Marsh Foundation, who have little or no family involvement, are matched with adults from the community. The group meets twice a month for supper and activities. The volunteers also see their buddy one other time a month on a Saturday afternoon of their choosing in the child’s home at Marsh.

*AmachiOhio – Youth with an incarcerated parent at the local, state, or federal level are accepted into our mentoring programs as an AmachiOhio youth. These children can participate in any of the mentoring programs listed above based on the child’s eligibility.